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Hongqiao Town

Hongqiao lies in the hinterland of the delta of Changxing, on the south bank of the Tai Hu, adjoining Shanghai in the east, connecting with Hangzhou in the south, Mount Huangshan in the west, and faces Suzhou and Wuxi. The whole area is 72 km2 and has a resident population of 43 000.

The natural conditions of Hongqiao are superior. The mountains are green and beautiful and lakes spread throughout. It produces rice, silk cocoon, fish, vegetables, freshwater shrimp, lake crab, watermelon, bamboo, "Tai Hu Three Treasures" and there is the unique Russian sturgeon farm.

The industry of Hongqiao is based on building materials, textiles, fire-resistant materials, chemicals, which has formed the various, multi-level industrial structures, and has already begun to take shape.

The tourist resources in Hongqiao are abundant. The natural scenery includes Green Rock Mountain and Bian Mountain, lake views, mainly of Tai Hu, and a cultural landscape including Green Rock temple, the site of Qiucheng and Luqiyang.



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