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Lincheng Town

Lincheng Town is located at the converging point of three provinces Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, its whole area is 128 km2, and it has a population of 58 000. The land is fertile, resources are abundant, the climate is moist and it has green hills and clear waters. It has successively received such honorary titles as "Town of Chinese folk art”, "town of electric stove of Zhejiang Province” and "town of greengage of Zhejiang Province”.


The traffic is convenient and its position is advantageous. 318 national highway, Shen-Su-Zhe-Wan expressway (being built), Xuan-Hang,Xin-Chang railway and Chang-Hu-Shen waterway run through the town. It takes about two hours by car to reach medium to large cities such as Hu, Hang, Yong, Su, Xi and Chang. Mount long and Wushan range contain a hundred million tons of high-quality quartz. Machine-building, antiriot material and equipment, light textiles and linchao are the four major industries that form Lin Cheng's economy.

The town has a long cultural history. There is the Xie An's tomb of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Dayun Temple of the Tang Dynasty and the Baiye Dragon Dance. It won the gold medal of the tenth national "groups of stars award" square dance match in 2000. It has been to Beijing five times, In 2003, It made a successful performance in New Zealand.



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