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Huaikan village

Huaikan village lies 24 kms northwest of the downtown Changxing. It is located at the converging point of three provinces Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui with area of 87 km2 and a population of 15 000. Diamond saw production, electronic devices and components, new-types of building materials, textiles, cement and glass craft are six major pillar industries of Huaikan village.

Huaikan town has abundant forestry resources. There are totally 8 500 000 pieces of bamboo,covering an area of 53 000 mu. It is an important woods source and fresh bamboo shoots supply base. There are more than 5 000 mu of economic forest, which is mainly Chinese chestnut, gingko and greengage, among them the Chinese chestnut accounts for 3 000 mu. The main chestnut varieties are big chestnut and mau bunhong, which are both of the best quality in this province. There are 14 000 mu Diaogua (a local agricultural product), and its output reaches about 700 000 kg.

The natural landscape of Huaikan Town is varied and colorful. The limestone nature reserve of Changxing is famous all over the world and is where the famous “gold spike” site lies.

Huaikan enjoys clean water and green mountains it is a good place for tourism..




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