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Shuikou Village

Shuikou Town lies 14km north of ChangXing and is located at the converging point of the three provinces; Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The 104 national road runs along the village, Xin-Chang railway runs across the border, and there are 2 passenger-cargo stations. The whole area of the village is 80 km2 with a population of 18 000, a plantation area of 16,976 mu and mountain forest coverage of 80,000 mu.

Shuikou lies on the east of Tai Hu, is surrounded by green hills and blue waters, fresh air, a quiet environment and beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. This elegant and graceful place is the place at which Lu Yu finished "The book of tea". The resources of Shuikou are unique, with time honored famous products. The Violet bamboo shoot tea and Jinsha spring are famous. At present, violet bamboo shoot tea is a nationally acclaimed tea and Jinsha spring has been identified as producing high-quality mineral spring water. Local and special products such as the lily, waxberry and cooked mountain bamboo shoot have won universal praise. The shale stone reserves of high-quality mineral products are abundant.

Guzhe Hill of Shuikou is a famous scenic spot. There are numerous sites of historical and cultural value such as Tang tribute tea institute. There is beautiful scenery and the locals people are known to be honest and friendly. Many ancient precipice carvings that poets have left has formed a unique tourist resource, with tea culture as the focal point. Close to 10 000 visitors arrive each year and it is now classified under the “historical relic's protection in the province, city and tourism development zone”. Development options available are varied. The private economy of Shuikou village develops rapidly; Light textiles are an important part of the village economy, with nearly 5 000 looms in operation. Brewage, mineral products, tea making, refractory material are also contributors to the industrial economy.




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