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Meishan Town

In the “Top 100 Towns of Zhejiang Province” -- Meishan Town, lies in the northwest of Changxing County, is close to Tai Hu, adjoins Jiangsu and Anhui and is a "thoroughfare of three provinces". The area of the town is 83.4 km2 with a total population of 21 000. It is surrounded by hills within the border, the vegetation is lush and green and the forest coverage rate is up to 80%. There is a beautiful natural environment containing abundant mineral and bamboo resources.

Meishan Town has been chosen successively as the; “Industrial satellite town of Zhejiang Province”, “Provincial science and technology development model town”, “Provincial education town”, “Provincial sanitation town” and one of the “Provincial top 100 towns”. It has always been an important industrial town in the north of Zhejiang. There are now more than 300 big and small enterprises, involving industries such as new-type building materials, light textiles, batteries and electro mechanics. Scientific and technological progress continuously moves forward and the competitiveness of the industries are constantly being strengthened.

Meishan town has a long history, many places of interest and renowned character. It is known as the global geology and ancient biology holy land. The "Gold Spike" lies here and is sanctioned by the International Union of Geological Sciences as the site where there is the global standard of the geological boundary of the ancient Mesozoic Era. The ancient temple which lies in the Muyu Mountain was built in the Kaiping period of the later Liang Dynasty. It is peaceful, quiet and solemn. It is an impressive strategic military pass. The famous, historical and natural sites such as Jinghui pavilion, Shehu pavilion and dark stone waves are located here.



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